About us:

Ragab SAT is an international educational services company that has been helping students around the world achieve their academic goals since 2000. Our centers provide all of the SAT prep services required by local students, including group SAT instruction in online interactive format, on-site SAT prep courses, private SAT tutoring, and SAT practice tests. Ragab SAT prep services have helped our students get accepted to the top undergraduate programs in the United States, including Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, in Canada in the Uk and in many other top reputed universities around the world.

Classes give the same lectures and questions to every student, making their teaching very ineffective. Some lessons will be too easy, while others will be too hard. Students waste time relearning content they already know and don’t spend enough time on the topics they actually need to work on. How do you fix this problem?


 SAT Prep Course is different. We create a study plan customized only for you, designed to get you the biggest score improvements. You can buy our program. Find out more today!

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Every student comes into the SAT with vastly different abilities across many different skills. Unfortunately, most prep programs ignore each student’s unique learning needs.